I was driving down a country road in what I assumed was Korea but looked more like Thailand. In the distance I saw a vihara or stupa with a large, red cupola framed by trees and bordered by a large lotus pond. I recall seeing a bhikkhu in saffron robes (of the kind found in […]

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Global Warming

I remember looking at a map that showed the effects of global warming on the planet in terms of currents and ice flows. A voice said that when we stopped adding heat into the system it would self-regulate.  

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I walked into a large, public bathroom (I forget now the dream preceding it). It is tiled with grey-brow-beige tiles and, at first glance seems clean. I walk over to the large stainless steel toilet although it looks more like a shallow steam table and it is covered in brown water with feces floating in […]

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Offering Bowls

I slept fitfully and had many dreams but clearly reveal only the image of a row of blue offering bowls all overturned on a wooden board. The next dream sequence had to do work Jimi Hendrix and that he was trapped and being held against his will. I don’t recall seeing anything here just that […]

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I was in a room with gray-beige walls and a large mirror in the center of it facing me. I was talking to a small group of three of four people who were sitting to either side of the mirror. I could see my reflection but wasn’t really paying attention until I noticed that my […]

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Made in Ohio

A group of us were sitting together in a large hall at what seemed to be a hotel. In front of us was an old, battered television. I saw that it said Made in Ohio on it and mentioned that I wouldn’t buy anything made there. About 5 or 6 rows back there were a […]

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