School bus

I’m on a bus talking to a friend who’s black about the institutionalized racism in our society. I’m telling him that slavery never really ended, we just started incarcerating black men more and then stripping them of voting rights.  The bus turns into a car being driven by a middle aged woman and I find […]

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I was driving down a country road in what I assumed was Korea but looked more like Thailand. In the distance I saw a vihara or stupa with a large, red cupola framed by trees and bordered by a large lotus pond. I recall seeing a bhikkhu in saffron robes (of the kind found in […]

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I was with a group of friends, back in Buffalo in my old neighborhood on the corner of Forest and Elmwood. We were among ourselves with machetes, knives and other weapons. I recall being dressed in black. At one point someone approaches and I unsheathed the machete about half way to menace them. I recall […]

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My clearest recollection begins as I’m driving with my wife in Pennsylvania to what we think is going to be another small town. We’re using a GPS and it’s taking us over a bridge but as we come of the bridge we realize that we’re in a huge city. I double check the GPS to […]

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I’m crawling through the wreckage of what I assume is one of the Twin Towers. All around me are the dessicated bodies of the dead but, strangely, I’m not afraid. In flashes, and at more or less regular intervals, my attention is directed wholly to what seems like a documentary about the towers, the planes […]

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Global Warming

I remember looking at a map that showed the effects of global warming on the planet in terms of currents and ice flows. A voice said that when we stopped adding heat into the system it would self-regulate.  

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Skull Mask

I recall that there was darkness in the midst of the darkness a skull. A disembodied voice was speaking, trying to persuade me or the person to whom the skull belonged that the modifications and cosmetic surgeons being done wolf make the owner of the skull beautiful. The voice had carved deep, swirling grooves into […]

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