Skull Mask

I recall that there was darkness in the midst of the darkness a skull. A disembodied voice was speaking, trying to persuade me or the person to whom the skull belonged that the modifications and cosmetic surgeons being done wolf make the owner of the skull beautiful. The voice had carved deep, swirling grooves into […]

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I walked into a large, public bathroom (I forget now the dream preceding it). It is tiled with grey-brow-beige tiles and, at first glance seems clean. I walk over to the large stainless steel toilet although it looks more like a shallow steam table and it is covered in brown water with feces floating in […]

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Offering Bowls

I slept fitfully and had many dreams but clearly reveal only the image of a row of blue offering bowls all overturned on a wooden board. The next dream sequence had to do work Jimi Hendrix and that he was trapped and being held against his will. I don’t recall seeing anything here just that […]

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I was in a room with gray-beige walls and a large mirror in the center of it facing me. I was talking to a small group of three of four people who were sitting to either side of the mirror. I could see my reflection but wasn’t really paying attention until I noticed that my […]

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NYC Classroom

I was sitting in a class room in a high-school in NYC taking to friends. A girl with black hair from Brooklyn, a friend who was the mother of one of my son’s classmates, and another guy. I was commenting on his they should talk like me since the Buffalo accemt is what they had […]

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