Made in Ohio

A group of us were sitting together in a large hall at what seemed to be a hotel. In front of us was an old, battered television. I saw that it said Made in Ohio on it and mentioned that I wouldn’t buy anything made there. About 5 or 6 rows back there were a couple of good old boys one of who yelled something about how I should buy American. A few words were exchanged and that was it.

My wife and I are now in our hotel room and we hear a knock at the door. When I go to check the door I notice it is bulging inward so look through the peep hole first. I see that someone has left a couch by the door which I assume was made in America. As I am looking out the window I see one of the guys sneakily walking up the stairs to ur room but he gets spooked and runs away. I’m tempting to get my knife to confront them but realize that doing so might be a bad idea so I resolve to talk to them without it.


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