Made in Ohio

A group of us were sitting together in a large hall at what seemed to be a hotel. In front of us was an old, battered television. I saw that it said Made in Ohio on it and mentioned that I wouldn’t buy anything made there. About 5 or 6 rows back there were a […]

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There is a strange, small voice that’s singing the word “mori”.  The lady thing I tenebre is a plate with the rectangular pieces of soap or cake. I engender green, blue and red being the colors. 

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My ex girlfriend Hardeep and I are in my Aunt’s house. I am playing on the couch and she is in the floor stretching and yawning. This causes me to do the same. § I’m standing before the gate of what I assume is a military facility in the dead of winter. Snow covers the […]

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I am of the dreams feature a young kid making increasingly bad decisions under the influence of his peers. It goes from drinking to eventually trying IV heroin. At one point he is in the basement of my old house after just having shot up when he heard my family coming home. My kids and […]

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Infidelity and Zaatar

I’m at in the smallish apartment of a short nondescript girl. It is clear that we are there to do something bad.  I believe there was alcohol. We begin embracing despite the overwhelming feeling that this is wrong. At some point the scene changes and I am losing down with an older man. After some […]

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